As a candle lover I have spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds over the years on all types of candles – usually the ridiculously expensive ones! Last year I read several articles about how toxic and unregulated traditional candles are. Most mass produced candles, luxury and budget (google your favourite brands!) are made of paraffin wax mixes. Paraffin wax is the final by-product in the petroleum refining chain and has been described as the 'bottom of the barrel'. The emissions released when a paraffin candle is burned are basically the same as the ones given off by burning diesel fuel. Why would you want to burn that in your home? This is clearly harmful health wise to us, our children and our pets. 

A candle should be a therapeutic experience, so, I decided to start making my own and began researching/sourcing the highest quality, cleanest burning, natural materials I could find.

I am now excited to launch a range of luxury, vegan friendly, hand poured soy wax candles with essential oils under the name BOLT & STAR (the name is inspired by the original Starman, David Bowie).

Soy wax produces approximately a tenth of the soot produced by paraffin candles and does not contain any toxic materials, it also burns at a lower temperature and for longer. Essential oils are 100% natural and have been used for their beneficial and healing properties for thousands of years.

BOLT & STAR candles are lovingly hand blended and poured in small batches in South West London. We all have different moods so each candle’s essential oil blend is created and crafted to give you balance, relax and unwind or energise and invigorate plus they smell incredible!